Obesity and Technology

These are just a couple websites that I have found talking about technology and obesity in North America. I found them interesting , hope you do too. I am not against technology, I just think we should be aware of some of the repercussions that come with technology.




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5 Responses to Obesity and Technology

  1. courosa says:

    Thanks for finding these.

    First, as a suggestion, when you use links in a blog post, they should be hyperlinked. I hate to paste these. They don’t autolink.

    A better way of adding links is to say something like, “here are three articles that support my argument – article 1, article 2, and article 3′ – then, link the text (article 1, etc.) to the articles. This way, we don’t have to see the URL.

    As for the articles, none of them really state that it’s technology that is the culprit re: obesity, at least not directly. All three are opinion pieces, and not based on research. They go back to diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Technology is only one of many changes in our lifestyles, so it is very difficult – really impossible – to single out technology as the reason why kids are obese. Instead, more likely factors are: longer working hours, fast food, less leisure time, time commuting to work, etc. Not one of these factors can be blamed alone – but a combination certainly creates a smoking gun. Technology is only one of many possible causes – and really, is one of the weaker arguments when looking at the ’cause’.

  2. I think my point was a little lost then because that is exactly what my point is. I absolutely think that there are other factors in play as well and its not just technology but I do think that it plays a part in the problem. We as parents need to take a more proactive stance in our childrens lives to get them out doing something, anything active or the factors you stated mixed with technology will affect our kids in a negative way on their bodies. My point through all of this is that time spent on the computer, tv, iPad, Wii, PS3, Xbox, etc. needs to be countered with the appropriate amount of exercise, running and playing outside or whatever form it may be but not Wii fit. I know with my son I will let him use technology for sure, but in moderation because it along with the other forms of our lives that play into it could possibly effect him and his health in a negative way in the future. I certainly do not place the blame soley on technology and I think that I was not clear about that!

  3. I looked at those articles and wasn’t too convinced. MegaEssays.com (the last link you supplied) is a website for students to buy essays to submit as plagiarized work for classes, so the essay is just a portion of one you can buy. I bet if you did some research in the U of R journal database you’d find some academic articles that apply to what you’re trying to get across.

  4. Like I said in my previous comment, I think that my point was a little lost. Those articles do talk about what I was saying in the comment before yours. Concerning the one article on the essay, that was a mistake, I had an alternate site on a different tab but copied the wrong link. I will fix it eventually but my life is a bit busy right now so stay tuned. It is a reality though that with the different advances in technology, that are great, groundbreaking and unbelievably useful, our children and people around the world are becoming obese because of this and other major co-factors such as not having a good balance between technology and physical activity. Again I think my point was lost, it is not just technologies fault it is other co-factors and that is a fact.

  5. jvvt says:

    I agree with your point of view. I believe there is a balance between sedentary and physical activity.

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