Tech Task #3 Learning from Kids

I found this great presentation on about adults learning from children. The young girl that gives this talk is incredibly bright and articulate in what she is says in her talk focusing on “What adults can learn from kids”. Ultimately her point is that adults do not give kids the credit they deserve in education. We need to start to learn from them and see how they see the issues in our world and in education.

I definately agree with what this young girl is saying and I think we need to work her concept into the classroom with control. I do believe completely that we as future teachers need to pay attention to our students because we are going to be pleasantly suprised with the amount we learn from them. I remember a time when I was in grade ten, in my biology class, and our teacher (can’t recall his name for good reason) asked us for examples of flightless birds. The class was spouting out the obvious, penguins and ostriches. I put my hand up and answered Emu to which the techer replied “Uh, no thats wrong there is no such bird.” I knew that he was wrong and dissappointed he did not even try to look it up or try to learn from his students. That year I went to the Calgary Zoo and took a picture of an emu with the description of “a flightless bird” on the plaque by the cage it was in. I brought this information back to the same teacher to proove that an Emu was a fightless bird and he was a bit embarrassed for good reason. That experience alone along with this great talk inspire me to be a better teacher for the next generation. If there is a student with a question I do not know the answer to I plan on writing it down looking up the information that night and bringing it back for the class or that student the following day. This is the respect the students deserve and we need to respect that as their teachers. A childs mind is a powerful thing and they may see something in a way, us as adults may not but we need to be open and inviting for them to share their views.

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