Tech Task #4 A Little Motivation!

This is an interesting quote that I found by Wayne Gretzky. I really enjoy this quote because it is absolutely true. This is especially true for me because procrastination is definitely something I struggle with as a university student. Time and again I find myself putting off upcoming projects and essays for fun or relaxation knowing they will comeback to haunt me. When this catches up the stress level goes into the red zone and i tend to age about five years and fatigue fast. I think The Great Ones quote is great and I have been trying to model my studying habits after it. So far I have stuck with it finished projects ahead of time this semester. I have found since doing this my stress levels have not been as bad in semesters past and I am definitely more relaxed and now have more time for my family! So this quote its not a bad motto to live by as a student and has really helped me!

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