Tech Task #10

I just read an article about a student from UCLA who posted a horribly racist video on YouTube. She talked about how when she was in the library she couldn’t stand the Japanese students who were all on their phones calling home after the earthquake to see if their families were okay. What bothers me the most about this girls video is how racist and insensitive she was toward these people who are worried about their families lives. It was also said in the video that they should go outside and make these calls. This is the moment that I would say take a walk in their shoes, imagine if it was her family that was in Japan when the earthquake hit, would she wait to go somewhere private to call and make sure they were okay? I would guess not. If it was me in their shoes I would do the exact same thing, call from where I heard the news. Family is an extremely important part of most everyone’s lives and it is sad to think that this political science student has the audacity to ridicule them for calling home after a devastating natural disaster.

Technology is a powerful tool that you need to be careful with. When you make a video like this 3rd year student of UCLA did and post it online, you deserve the ridicule that is dished out. She made a huge mistake and ultimately payed for her ignorance as well as ruined her reputation probably for a long time to come. She stated that she was trying to be humourous, if this is true, she failed miserably! Freedom of speech is a beautiful privilege we have in Canada and the USA but in this case it was her kryptonite.

What we need to do as future teachers when looking at a video like this is educate our students about how to create a positive technological profile. We need to educate them on instances like this one and teach them to think before they type or post anything that could hurt or corrupt their online image.

This was a response to the video that I came across that I felt was appropriate to share with you, the reader.

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